The Benefits of a Personal Life Coach

People are very suspicious when looking into a personal life coach – and for good reason.  After all a guy with no skill, qualification, or understanding of how to really help people can easily start calling himself a ‘personal life coach’.  But like any other profession, in life coaching there are hacks and there are true professionals.  And if you want to make a positive life change, a qualified life coach is well worth the investment.  Below are just a few of the positive benefits you’d get from hiring a good life coach.

Life coaches hold you accountable

Without a life coach to hold you accountable it’s really easy to break your commitment to change.  For example, if nobody is going to challenge you for failing to live up to your promise of going for a 5 mile run every morning – then it becomes incredibly easy to put the running shoes away and just plop on the couch instead.

But when you get a life coach you won’t have that problem.  See, if you’re like most people, you won’t want to face the embarrassment of admitting to your personal coach that you didn’t live up to your word.  When you know you have to report to a life coach, an internal drive kicks in that motivates you to keep your promise.  You’ll go for that run because you can’t bear the thought of admitting to your life coach that you failed.

By hiring a personal life coach, you take advantage of this internal drive in a positive way that pushes you to achieve your goals.

Life coaches provide unconditional support

Making a change is hard.  It involves pushing yourself out of your comfort zone again and again.  It involves having to get up and put the work in when you just don’t feel like it.  It involves pushing through barriers, dealing with doubts and frustrations, and continuing the journey when all you want to do is quit.   The process is already difficult, and if you try and go it alone it can be damn near impossible.  That’s why getting a life coach can make such a difference.

When you have a professional life coach in your corner the whole journey becomes a thousand times easier.  A good personal coach will support you when things get tough.  He’ll be there to guide you and push you further than you’re willing to push yourself.  He’ll believe in you at times when you don’t even believe in yourself.  In the end, a good life coach will give you the strength to carry on when you would have given up otherwise.

Life coaches succeed where your friends may fail

Now you may be thinking “why hire a life coach?  I’ll just get support from my friends” And that’s a great point.  Your friends are an excellent resource.  You should absolutely enlist their support.  But relying solely on friends to help you succeed has drawbacks that don’t occur from professional life coaching.

For one, unlike a life coach, your friends don’t always want to see you to succeed.  They may see your desire to make a positive life change as a challenge.  It introduces the idea that they may need to make a change in their own lives – and some people are simply not ready to be challenged in this way.  They want to see you fail to justify their belief that they don’t need to change.

Secondly, even if your friends mean well their support can still be harmful (unlike the support of an expert life coach).  See, everyone has their own baggage and you don’t want to risk having your friends project their own bullshit onto you.  For instance you may have a friend who thinks hot girls only care about looks and money – and that just walking up to a girl at a coffee shop is weird and awkward and you shouldn’t do it.  If your goal is to start approaching more women, then this friend is not going to help your cause.

In this situation you’d want an expert dating or relationship coach whose entire focus is on YOU.  A dating coach who is 100% committed to helping you make the change you want to see in your life.  You want a personal coach that understands he’s there to help you to see opportunities – not limits.  Who knows it’s his job as a life coach to remove negativity and crippling beliefs (like the belief women only care about looks and money) – not impose them.

Life coaching provides a shortcut

The alternative to hiring a personal life coach is to try and make this personal change on your own.  This can work (though the odds are against you) but it will be incredibly time-consuming.  Finding a qualified life coach will help you make a more effective use of your time for a couple reasons:

Whatever change you’re looking to make, there’s no doubt hundreds –if not thousands – of books and videos out there filled with “expert advice” by people who claim to have all the answers.  Some of this information will be incredibly useful… and some of it will be garbage that may actually hurt you in the long run.

But once you find yourself a quality life coach you won’t have to worry about endlessly ciphering the good advice from the bad.  A great life coach can potentially save thousands of hours and dollars by preventing you from chasing these empty promises.  Instead an expert coach can guide towards the exact tools and lessons that will best help you become the man you want to be.

When you hire a life coach you get personalized attention.  Whatever you’re looking for, the solution that will ultimately work for you may not be the cookie-cutter solution found in books and seminars.  A good life coach can work with you one-on-one to find the exact solution that’s best for you.